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the first adam absinthe lj community.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the first adam absinthe lj community.

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January 21 / 01:05 am

[ mood | determined ]

Okay so up until tonight I completely forgot about this community. -smacks self-
I promise to keep this community running and whore the hell out of it. <3


September 20 / 03:27 am
why, oh why, are there not more members in this community? oh my god...adam is an absolute genius! we seriously need to get some members and action going on here...

August 23 / 01:17 am

[ mood | content ]

First post. ♥

Since I haven't seen any Adam Absinthe communities here on LiveJournal, I made this one. Adam is a big inspiration to me and I love all of his work.

Hopefully, this community will actually get some members. =P

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